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You can add your payment method when creating a new account on our website or from your existing account page at

Shadow supports major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

We currently do not accept prepaid debit cards, but some markets currently support PayPal.

Note: Please note that it is not possible to add or update your payment information if you possess a free Offer, such as the free version of Shadow Drive.

How can I update my Payment Method?

To update the payment method for your Shadow account, follow the instructions below:

Log into your account page and access the "Account" tab:

Scroll down to the "Billing information" section.

Click "Edit" next to "Credit Card" and follow the instructions on your screen.

Note: You can also choose PayPal as a payment method by following the step

You also can update your billing address from the same section (see How to Change Your Subscription Billing Address).

Note: If your account has a past-due invoice, our billing system will attempt to process your payment upon saving your credit card details.

We also invite you to see the following article What should I do if my payment was declined?

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You can also contact Shadow support via our form.